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Toma legal retrieve – Nigerian Case Law, Legislation and Legal Precedents. We have Thousands of Court Judgments, Laws of Nigeria and Legal Precedents all available at a cost effective membership pricing. All in one platform for your legal research.

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Why We Are The Best Legal Research platform in Nigeria

Since 1988, Toma has pioneered electronic publishing (toma legal retrieve) in Nigeria by delivering authoritative legal resources on Nigerian laws, Court Judgments and Legal Precedents.

Toma legal retrieve is an online package that contains vast reference modules on Nigerian Legislation in Force, thousands of Legal precedents and Business Letters from a mix of various publications and thousands of decided cases (local and foreign). These modules contain a mix of well-researched publications from thousands of sources put together online and on flash-drive. Powerful search and cross-referencing facilities enable a user to consult a library of information at the click of a button.

With access to hundreds of thousands of documents from diverse sources of references, we aim to be an indispensable partner to successful professionals in law, business, commercial, academic and public sector organizations.

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How Does It Work?

What you see on the screen is the same as the printed page, but instead of manual cross-referencing between all the publications, everything is automatic.
If you prefer you can print out whatever you see all at the click of the button. You will be so familiar with the format; you will forget you are using a computer.

Laws of Nigeria

Entire Laws of Nigeria Selected Laws of FCT and Lagos State. Including Amendments and Subsidiary Legislation

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