Toma Legal Retrieve (TLR) is available on portable media (USB/CDROM) for offline use or online as a subscription service.

TLR contains vast reference modules on Nigerian Legislation in Force, thousands of Legal Precedents & Business Letters from various publications and thousands of decided cases (local and foreign).


Subscribe to TLR Online to get full-text search as well as filtering by title, judgment date or date range.

Search includes many ways of narrowing or expanding your search – wildcards, synonyms, stemming and powerful Boolean queries.

Search Results include a synopsis with hits highlighted and documents have all search term hits highlighted.


What does TLR

Full text of all Legislation in force (1990-Date)
Full text of Selected Judgments of Court of Appeal of Nigeria
Full text of Selected Judgments of Federal High Courts of Nigeria
Full text of Selected Judgments of States’ High Courts of Nigeria
Legal Precedents & Business Letters (3000)
Supreme Court of Nigeria Judgments (1956-Date)
Laws and Rules of all the Courts in Nigeria
Full Judgments of West African Court of Appeal (WACA) and Appeals from WACA to Privy Council